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Sep 18 2012

Year 2, Week 6, Day 2

I cried today for the first time this year. That said, this year has gotten off to a MUCH better start than last year. I think about my last year and cringe at how much I must’ve worn my inexperience on my sleeve. For nearly the entire year last year, there was this constant cloud of anxiety that followed me everywhere. I always felt like there were a bazillion things to do and that at any given moment a bazillion things were going to go wrong. I’m not sure that I feel any differently this year, but I do think that I’ve learned how to adjust to the feelings much more sanely… sort of.
I cried today for two reasons (that I can think of):
Reason 1: I am frustrated.
I am terribly frustrated with my students. I feel more like a behavior manager and motivator than I do a teacher. My classes…

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Apr 17 2012


Today during my first hour I had a student accidentally call me “Momma.” Several hours later when I walked by the lunchroom, a student shouted out, “Ms. Tung is a bitch!” This is actually pretty reflective of my last few months!

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Jan 27 2012

The Year Thus Far

I really have been meaning to update with greater consistency, but still I find myself being able to get around to it as often as I’d like.  I find that not updating very frequently makes it a bit difficult to hash out what’s been going on–there’s just so much to sort through, but I’ll give…

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Dec 21 2011


I’ve been meaning to update now for quite some time. Tons of stuff has happened in the last couple of months. It was always my intention to post regularly, but managing my life has been harder than I thought it would be.. Having not updated in so long, it’s hard to even figure out where…

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Oct 18 2011


Things are definitely starting to get rolling. We just ended the first Quarter yesterday. Yesterday also marked the first day of my 10th week. I can’t decide if the 10 weeks feels longer than 10 weeks or shorter than 10 weeks.. I feel like SO much has happened and so many of my perspectives have changed these…

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Oct 06 2011

My Best Day Yet

Today was the best day I’ve had all year. It has a lot to do with the small things that individual students did/said. My third period biology class is small enough that today when we played a review game for tomorrow’s exam; we did boys versus girls. The kids went crazy competitive. It was a…

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Sep 25 2011

Cellular Organelles

We’ve started a unit on cell structure and function in my biology course. I’m excited to be doing a mini-project with my students tomorrow.. Tonight at the Mercier House, my housemate is helping me prepare the materials! Here’s what I hope my students will produce by Tuesday’s end (with a detailed key of course):

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Sep 22 2011

Fire & Fights

My goodness. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, mostly because I came down with the flu and have been struggling to keep my head above water. I actually missed school last Friday because of a fever. I’m recovering slowly, but surely; I’ve had a horrible, dull headache since for about a week now, but I’m…

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Sep 11 2011

Thank You, Apple!

Thanks to a generous donation from Apple, Ms. Tung’s classroom (and all other TFA teachers’ classrooms) will now be equipped with an iPad! Woot woot!

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Sep 10 2011

Football Fridays & A Quick Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated. I want to try to get at least one post in a week, but it’s been hard with all the other things that have been going on! In a nutshell, the school year is definitely picking up. Things are a little bit up and down. I understand the challenges…

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